There are 27,639 in New York (45th in USA per capita)
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New York Megan's Law

Named after Megan Kanka, Megan's Law was enacted into federal law in 1995. Megans Law makes it mandatory for every state put a method in place for informing local residents when a sexual offender is located in their area.
Megan was only seven years old when a previously convicted sexual offender that lived accross the street from her family, abducted, violently rapped, and murdered her. It was concluded that if her family or other residents in the communtiy had been aware that a convicted sexual offender was living in their neighborhood, this assult would have been avoided. On that train of thought, the U.S. Congress enacted the "Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994", aka Megan's Law, without any resistance.
Ever since the law was enacted, New York has strived to protect its residents the most recent information relating to past sexual offenders and their place of residence. The bill has confirmed that though sex crimes are still a occuring in the United States, offenses committed by previous offenders are on a decline.
The information obtainable with the enactment of Megan's Law has shown to be a major benefit in keeping one's family shielded from the threat of sexual misconduct. Being up to date on information that is relevant to you an your household is imperative. We are dedicated to making sure that retrieve accurate information in a timely way. Our database includes the entire Country and can be search by State, County, City, or Zip Code. Simply include your area into the search field, and receive the data you need immediately!

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