There are 27,639 in New York (45th in USA per capita)
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New York Megan's Law

Being named after Megan Kanka, Megan's Law was passed into federal law in 1995. Megan's Law demands that all states develop a procedure for notifying the general public when a sexual offender is moves into their community.
Megan was merely seven years old when a prior sex offender that lived accross the street from her family, kidnapped, rapped, and murdered her. It was determined that had her family or other local residents had been aware that a convicted sexual predator was residing in their community, this crime would've been thwarted. On that train of thought, the U.S. Congress passed the "Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994", also known as Megan's Law, without any objections.
Since the law has been put into effect, New York has made it a point to protect its residents the most current information regarding past sexual offenders and their current residency. The bill has proven that while sex crimes are still a danger in the U.S., acts committed by previous offenders are on a decline.
The data accesible with the institution of Megan's Law has proven to be a critical benefit in keeping one's family safe from the threat of sexual misconduct. Getting up to date on information that is related to you an your household is crucial. is dedicated to assuring that can gain acces to accurate data in a timely manner. Our database covers the entire U.S. and can be search by State, County, City, or Zip Code. Just insert your area into the search box, and receive the data you desire immediately!

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